Cinemaware Classic Defender of the Crown™ ready for Android

Attention, retro gamers! Grab your Android smartphones and be prepared for another masterpiece from the golden age of video gaming. The eternal gaming masterminds of Cinemaware are proud to present the release of Defender of the Crown®- Emulated Amiga Edition! This time the famous medieval strategy-action game is coming for Android. The job is already done and the release is estimated for Monday April, 28th 2014.

Siege castles, win tournaments, free damsels in distress and save the crown of England! “If I were a programmer, Defender of the Crown for Android would exactly be the game I wished to make”, says Robin Hood, a famous villain and real legend.

Cinemaware released a number of successful games in the 1980s and 1990s, all known for their epic storylines, characters and atmosphere, which are still highly regarded by fans today. Other titles by the company include Wings™, It Came From The Desert™, The King of Chicago™ and Rocket Ranger™.


April 23, 2014 News